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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We empower businesses of all sizes in Makurdi and Gboko with fast and convenient delivery. We’ll scale to your needs through the lull and peak period, so you save more during the quiet seasons, and fulfill more order during the busy ones!

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Reduce operational costs:

Without your own fleet of vehicles and team of drivers, you get to save on the vehicle purchasing cost, the vehicle maintenance fees and overheads that come with employing drivers on a full- or part-time basis. Save more when you deliver only when you need to!


Save more with multi-stop deliveries!

Our additional stop feature allows merchants to drop off their goods at up to 20 different locations within one booking! The reduction of mileage and effort translates to lower operation costs, allowing us to keep delivery fees low for you.


Save hassle with API (Application Programming Interface)

Forget about submitting your orders manually to us. Our automated system links your interface with ours, so that orders can be processed when they come in, 24/7!

Be our corporate account by setting up a business account! Simply upgrade your account in “Upgrade to Business” under Setting. You only need to enter your company information and upload {Business Registration Document} /or {Tax ID Document} in the registration flow on the mobile app.

Yes! We help lots of businesses with large quantities of deliveries. If you’re looking for automated solutions then our API technical solution seamlessly links our delivery software with your systems to automate the scheduling of orders.

Tell us more and our friendly and professional sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Fele Express helps businesses from a wide variety of industries with their delivery needs. From F&B and eCommerce to retail, furniture, construction, and many more, we’ve got the delivery solutions and the fleet of vehicles on standby that you need to help grow your business.

No, we do not guarantee a fixed number of orders daily. However, there is no limit to the number of orders you can accept daily. You only need to be online to accept orders.

No, the Fele Driver App uses an algorithm that automatically detects the nearest driver/s from the pick-up point.  You will be able to see the order on your Driver App if you are close to the pick-up point.

You can earn up to N100,000 per month for motorcycles and up to N200,000 per month for medium trucks and cars. For 6-wheels, you can earn more through our long-distance deliveries and logistics requests from our corporate clients.

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