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Your Logistics Service & Partner for Business

Fele Express logistics service (3PL) is ready to help businesses with our motorcycles, sedans, vans, and delivery trucks.
Monthly Corporate Rebates starting at ₦1,425.

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Your 24/7 delivery app partner

Fast. Simple. Affordable.

Affordable rates

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Fast order matching

Match orders and deliver your goods immediately

Wide-ranging delivery vehicles

Motorcycle, sedan, MPV, pick-up & truck delivery services

Real-time Tracking

Track orders real-time from pick-up to drop-off

Safe delivery

Professional partner drivers to deliver packages safely

Let us know how we can help you

Logistics services & features that businesses love

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Route optimization

Efficient delivery every time with our built-in route optimization feature for logistics

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Proof of Delivery

Safe and secure logistics services with discretional e-signature for every delivery

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Exclusive Rebates

Monthly rebates for corporate clients to thank them for their continued support to our efficient logistics service

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Multiple dedicated contacts to attend your after sales concerns for a better customer experience

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Flexible Pricing

Point-to-point or fixed-rate pricing choices to ensure that you pay only for the logistics services you availed

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Corporate Accounts

Bring multiple users under one business account so everyone is in the loop

Any vehicle to match your logistics needs

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₦149 Base Fare
+ ₦85 per KM (for 0-5 KM) + ₦80 per KM (after 5 KM)

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Keke 50KG

₦199 base fare + ₦120 per KM (for 0-5 KM) then ₦80 per KM (after 5 KM)

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Sedan (Car) 200KG

₦299 base fare + ₦125 per KM (for 0-5 KM) then ₦99 per KM (after 5 KM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every day, we help thousands of businesses make delivery fast and easy. Whether it’s only for a few deliveries per week or multiple daily orders, we can scale your service accordingly.


Find out more about our logistic services by getting in touch through the sign-up form above on this page and someone from our helpful Sales team will be in contact.

The fare of service is based on multiple factors such as traffic situation, order volume, availability of delivery partners, applicable tolls, surcharges, and so on. Hence the total fare of the service may vary. The fare displayed at the time of request may not be the same if there is a change to order details. You’ll instantly be given the price details before you choose whether to place the order.

Fele Logistic Services (3PL) allows you to track every order you place with us, letting you know the status at every stage of the journey. See where your driver is in real time and get notified instantly when the delivery has been completed.

Yes, customers can place multi-stop orders via API. Please note that the sequence in which you list the stops will be the routing the driver will take. Route optimization is yet to be available.

We understand that your team may have questions while studying the documentation and also during integration. Feel free to contact us anytime at partner.support@feleexpress.com for technical support and our API specialists will respond as soon as possible.

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